What is KB yarn made from?

KB Yarn is made in Vietnam from 100% cotton which is imported from US, Australia & Brazil.

How advanced technologies have you applied for?

We apply Rieter machine for manufacturing our products.
Rieter is the leading supplier of installation for manufacturing yarns from short-staple fibers. Rieter is a competent partner, dedicated to making customers’ life easier by offering care & support from the initial investment discussions to the successful operation of a spinning mill.

What is your main market?

Our products are mostly sold in Vietnam market and exported to Chinese.

What is your main products

Knitting combed yarn with 100% cotton.
– CM 18
– CM 20
– CM 30
– CM 40
– Other products will be manufactured as customers’requests.
Besides that, we also sell By products such as Noil, Watse, Yarn

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